Failed Allen Bradley 1797 power supply successfully repaired – Speedy turnaround with in-house capability

This Allen Bradley EX power supply 1797-PS2E was found to be faulty. Upon inspection it was found to have significant water ingress and significant damage to the circuitry. Using our in-house electronics engineering team, we were able to repair the power supply and fully test prior to despatch.

Attention to detail included Helicoiling damaged junction box threads (these are through holes in the non explosion proof box so no integrity issues. This explains the corrosion of the diecast thread).

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Allen Bradley

Allen Bradley is a well-known brand in the field of industrial automation and control systems. They provide a wide range of products and solutions for controlling machinery and processes in various industries such as manufacturing, automotive, oil and gas, and more. Some of the key components and systems they offer include:

  1. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs): Allen Bradley manufactures PLCs for controlling automation processes. These devices are used to automate machinery and processes by executing logic based on inputs from sensors and other devices.
  2. Human-Machine Interface (HMI): They offers HMI solutions that allow operators to monitor and control industrial processes through graphical interfaces. These interfaces provide real-time data visualisation and control capabilities.
  3. Motor Control Centers (MCCs): Allen Bradley produces MCCs, which are electrical enclosures used to control and distribute power to motors and other electrical equipment in industrial settings.
  4. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs): VFDs are used to control the speed and torque of electric motors in various applications. Allen Bradley manufactures VFDs that are commonly used in industrial automation systems.
  5. Safety Systems: Allen Bradley provides safety systems and components that help protect workers and equipment in industrial environments. These include safety PLCs, safety relays, and safety sensors.

Overall, Allen Bradley control systems are widely used in industrial automation and are known for their reliability, flexibility, and integration capabilities. They are often used in conjunction with other automation technologies to create comprehensive control solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.