Industry leading borescope hire for gas turbine inspection – Waygate Mentor IQ featuring 3D phase measurement

Borescope Hire

EPS has added a top of the range Waygate Mentor IQ (Formally GE Everest) borescope with 3D phase measurement to its list of specialist tooling available for hire.

This joins the list of industry leading equipment EPS holds for their own site work and hire to external parties including:

  • Waygate Mentor IQ with 3D Phase measurement
  • Multiple Druck Genii DPI 620 IS & Non IS process calibrators with HART communications
  • 0-100 barg calibrators to link with the DPI 620’s – complete with all adapters and hard travel case
  • Fluke 190-104 4 channel scope
  • Druck DPI880 multifunction calibrator
  • Fluke 289 true RMS meters
  • More items which are in the process of being updated – if you can’t see something you require please get in touch
  • See our listing for details

Why choose EPS for your borescope hire?

EPS keeps all its equipment up to date so you have the latest technologies available. We use the equipment ourselves so only the best will do.

Get in touch with our team to see about your next borescope hire and try out the Waygate Mentor IQ.

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Waygate Mentor IQ

Inspect with Intelligence​

Designed with professional and advanced visual inspectors in mind, the Everest Mentor Visual iQ is built to meet the highest standards in image quality and 3D measurement capability.  Interchangeable probes, platform configurations, and on-device AI deliver productivity while increasing probability of detection and inspection accuracy.​

Innovation starts here
OS 3.7 software is now available for the Everest Mentor Visual iQ. With this new software, all assisted defect recognition analytics on the MViQ video borescope can function in a live state. Now 3D Stitching is available with Real3D Stereo Measurement, your MViQ can generate a fully-surfaced 3D point cloud representation of the asset that makes it easier to analyze and measure the defect you’ve spotted. This update also features new tips that expand your envelope of application, allowing you to inspect from closer and farther away than ever before.
  • Military grade portable design with bright LCD touchscreen display and integrated connectivity options
  • Real3D™ measurement provides advanced tools, including auto-measurement, measurement from/to a projected plane and 3D stitching of multiple images
  • Leveraging computer vision and machine learning, powerful analytics are available to increase reliability and consistency of data collected while reducing inspection time by automating repetitive tasks
  • Push2IW automates your data upload process by automatically sending images and data from your MViQ video borescope to the InspectionWorks cloud
  • Streamlines inspection workflows with Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) and InspectionWorks
  • Optional Probability of Detection software and image transforms leverage TrueSight™ to ensure you don’t miss an indication
See the whole picture

Industry-leading 1.2-megapixel HD image resolution boasts high-quality images and videos for your inspections. When you can see clearly, you increase the probability of detection, speed up inspection workflow, and deliver results with confidence.

Inspect, interrogate and report more of the scene with 3D Stitching. Combining individual images, and corresponding point clouds, to a larger image enables measurement of larger defects across multiple images and the ability to accurately locate the position of defects in relation to a fixed point-of-interest.

Real3D™ Measurement – Advanced 3D Inspection Software

Real3D™ measurement combines fully surfaced point cloud visualization, advanced measurement algorithms and an insightful 3D Surface Mask and a dynamic warning system to enable more accurate and repeatable measurement decisions. Choose from three measurement technologies (3D Phase, 3D Stereo and traditional stereo). 3D Phase measurement allows measurement on-demand without changing tips.

Each of these technologies is compatible with some or all of our 9 measurement types to help get the measurement needed in multiple applications. They include basics like length, depth point to line and area, but also specialty types including depth profile, area depth profile, automatic tip blade clearance and radius gauge.

Aside from measurement types, Real3D provides advanced tools such as depth assist and projected measurement plane to further increase accuracy of measurements.