EPS’s gas turbine services team quickly diagnose and repair fault on Rustronic MKII using their own SD ISM – replacement for CT93582

EPS’s gas turbine services team were called to site to investigate a fault on a Rustronic MKII controls system. Following some prior interaction with another service company on site, EPS came prepared with their fully kitted out workshop van and spares. The fault was quickly found and tests on the site spares revealed that all were found to be unserviceable.

The fault was found due to a faulty Integrated Storage Module (ISM) – CT93582. These parts have long been obsolete however EPS does carry some brand new spares modules. EPS has also developed a SD card replacement – EPS SD card ISM. This means there are no moving parts to wear and the hard drive SD card can be easily cloned for backups.

EPS gas turbine services team

EPS’s engineering team extensive skill sets includes controls, electrical, mechanical, HV and much more. By understanding the complete plant, EPS can ensure that all maintenance, either planned or unplanned, is completed in a timely and efficient manner. This reduces the need for additional teams of contractors to be on site, significantly reducing the cost and outage time.

EPS is part of the SEQUAL approved suppliers network and is ISO9001 certified.