ES DSP 700006/03

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LM2500 VSV monitoring kit

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Location: UK

Manufacturer: European Power Systems

Part Number: ES DSP 700006/03

EPS produced VSV monitoring kit – ES DSP 700006/03 for GE LM2500 engines

An independent monitoring kit for monitoring VSV positions on the LM2500. Developed in house to allow checks to be made on the VSV system that doesn’t have feedback. This kit has a built in rechargeable battery meaning no other power source is required.

Comes with a flying lead to plug into the VSV feedback device.

We can also offer systems to allow the feedback to be monitored within the control system.

Get in touch for details.

The GE LM2500 gas turbine engine uses a variable stator vane (VSV) system to control the flow of air into the engine’s compressor section. Calibration of the VSV system is critical to ensure the engine operates at peak efficiency and performance.

The VSV system is typically calibrated using a specialized calibration rig. The rig simulates the engine operating conditions and allows technicians to measure the performance of the VSV system at various positions and speeds.

The calibration process involves adjusting the VSV actuator to achieve the desired airflow and pressure levels at different operating conditions. This requires precise measurements and adjustments to ensure that the VSV system is functioning properly.

During the calibration process, the VSV system is checked for proper operation, response time, and accuracy. Any deviations or anomalies are identified and corrected to ensure that the engine operates at peak efficiency and performance.

Calibration of the VSV system is typically performed during routine maintenance intervals or when troubleshooting performance issues with the engine. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended calibration procedures and use calibrated equipment to ensure accurate measurements and proper operation of the VSV system.


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