Control System Support & Global Remote Access

Control Systems operating Microsoft Windows® based Human Machine Interfaces (HMI's) lend themselves to remote access support. This means a remote PC can communicate and access the customers' HMI.

The key benefits for the Gas Turbine operator are:

  • Remote package fault diagnosis
  • Remote control system parameter changes
  • Reductions in the number of unit trips
  • Reductions in the duration of unit trips
  • Reductions in unscheduled maintenance costs
  • Improved unit availability

Site attendances to unscheduled events are costly, unpredictable and often lead to excessive downtime. Our Remote Access Telemetry System will allow the service engineer as much functionality with a remote data link as if he were on site in front of the customer's control panel.

EPS can gather engine running information via the remote data link.

The types of information that can be accessed remotely include:

  • Real time running data through the HMI mimics
  • Current and historic alarms
  • Trended data by accessing the HMI database
  • High speed running data using the dedicated engine control units' datalogger

By using the above diagnostic tools many faults can be remotely identified. Instructions given to site personnel to change components without the need for third party field engineer mobilisation thus eliminating costly site visits.